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Hi Everyone! 

I wanted to make customs available for anyone who'd want them. This is because I am not sure when I will be creating my next Yukkien or Moon Bunnies species adoptables, so if you want to get a character design faster, this is a way.

I will be creating a drawn out form of the traits, but right now I will make the description available in words.

There is ONE slot each specie for designs I design.
If you wish to design your own there are 5 slots each.
If you wish to claim a custom comment here or note me.
PayPal Only.


The snowflake living in snowglobes.

[AB+Extra] Yukkien Closed Species Auction [CLOSED] by Nyodots

- They like cold and winter,
- Their body temperature is very cold,
- They will melt if exposed to warm temperatures (20+C), thats why if its warmer in the room they stay in their snowglobes.
- Snowglobes are their home, in winter they stay out of them a lot, and go back to them when the weather gets warmer.
- They sleep in snow globes,
- Yukkien may befriend humans and live in their homes inside their snowglobes,
- Sometimes they hide in snow globes humans possess without them knowing,
- They come in both genders, although most likely female; male being more rare.
- Yukkien have various snow globes, the more unique it looks, the rarer is the Yukkien.
- Yukkien generally have snowflake ornaments in their clothing.
- Since Snowflakes can have various forms, in very rare cases they will have animal ears. The tail is even rarer.

I design your Yukkien: (1 SLOT)
40$ - for common (+ simple snowglobe)
50$ - for uncommon (kemonomimi ears + uncommon snowglobe)
70$ - for rare (ears + tail + rare snowglobe)

You design your Yukkien (I will confirm the design when you are done): (5 SLOTS)
20$ - for common (+ simple snowglobe)
25$ - for uncommon (kemonomimi ears + uncommon snowglobe (can be male))
30$ - for rare (ears + tail + rare snowglobe (can be male))

Moon Rabbit (Kuro or Shiro)

Black Bunny Adoptable #2 [CLOSED] by Nyodots  Adoptable: Moon Bunny Auction (CLOSED) by WhiteKana

Traits of Shiro:
- A race of moon bunnies.
- Its main characteristics are mini bunny ears and a long (horse) tail.
- This race was considered noble and that worshiped the moon. They were said to possess its powers.
- These rabbits always have elements of the moon in their clothing.

Common: Small thin rabbit ears and a horse tail and a white sclera.
Uncommon: small thin rabbit ears and no tail.
Rare: Custom Tail and/or red sclera.

Traits of Kuro:
- Kuro Moon Bunnies, are tainted Shiro.
- They are much more rare and generally have black sclera.
- The ears are always black and the horse tails are usually black as well.
- It is said one Kuro rabbit is born once in 100 years from the Shiro.
- Kuro Moon Rabbits are neglected, feared and rejected by the Shiro Moon Rabbits.
- Their numbers are much less (though they live longer), and because of all the negativity, they tend to be evil and rebellious against the society.
 - There is also history of Kuro rabbit clan that plans a conspiracy to throw down the Shiro.

Common: Small thin rabbit ears and a horse tail and a black sclera.
Uncommon: small thin rabbit ears and no tail.
Rare: Custom Tail and/or white or red sclera.

I design your Shiro Moon Rabbit: (1 SLOT)
40$ - for common
45$ - for uncommon
55$ - for rare

I design your Kuro Moon Rabbit: (1 SLOT)
45$ - for common
50$ - for uncommon
60$ - for rare

You design your Shiro Moon Rabbit (I will confirm the design when you are done): (5 SLOTS)
20$ - for common
25$ - for uncommon
30$ - for rare

You design your Kuro Moon Rabbit (I will confirm the design when you are done): (5 SLOTS)
25$ - for common
30$ - for uncommon
35$ - for rare

Custom Non-Species

(or someone else's species, provided you have permission to use it.)

Price: (1 SLOT)
Simple to medium design: 30$
Detailed: 45$

Thank you!


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